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  •  Call us for our price list 
  •  A non refundable fee of R500 will be payable to have your name on the waiting list to purchase a house or a flat.
  • Tariffs are revised annually during March.
  • Residents in houses and flats pay their own utility bills.
  • Residents in flats can rent additional carports or garages if available

Prospective buyers can choose to buy the following property rights:

  • One and two bedroom homes with the privacy of a private garden as well as a lock-up garage
  • Bachelor or one bedroom flats.

The residents of flats and houses are self sufficient, however nursing services during emergencies are available.

We are a very sought after retirement village as we cater for retirees who still want to live independently and self-sufficient in their own units - including those suffering from severe dementia

Centre 1:

Frail Care

Criteria for admission

  • Residents who are longer able to be self-sufficient.
  • Requires 24/7 care
  • Care entails assisting with bathroom tasks, feeding and clothing.
  • Issue of medication by nursing staff.

Centre 2: 

Assistance living

Criteria for admission

  • Residents must be fully mobile and able to have meals in dining room
  • Be able to manage and dispense their own medicine.
  • Be able to shower and dress themselves.

Centre 3 and 6:


Criteria for admission

  • Residents must still be somewhat mobile, with or without aids such as walkers
  • All medication is administered by nursing staff.
  • Nursing assistance is provided with regard to personal hygiene.

Centre 5:

Advanced Dementia and Alzheimer's Division:

Criteria for admission

  • Diagnosed with advanced dementia.
  • Type of dementia can be: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Vascular Dementia, etc.êre Demensie ens.
  • Physical condition debilitated such as incontinence.
  • Full nursing care is provided.

Centre 7 – Dementia section

Criteria for admission

  • Diagnosed with early onset of dementia
  • Memory loss, behaviour changes, personality changes and mood swings.
  • Physically still continent.